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Sex in Today's Society for young women Printvriendelijke Versie AFDRUKBARE VERSIE
by Kasey Young, Verenigde Staten Jun 2, 2003
Mensenrechten , Sexualiteit   Opinies


Teen sexuality integration into our society continue to grow every day. Teenagers find it all in fun and having a good time, but what they're unaware of is that there are major consequences for the deed. HIV, Herpes pregnancy, those are just 3 out of the hundreds of various ramifications. For teenage girls, there is a little bit more of a consequence than there is with guys. Girls can get pregnant, and the man can easily leave the girl stuck the rest of her life with raising a child from such a young age alone and with no support. If they choose to get an abortion they can live their lives with the guilt of 'killing' their unborn child. Guys- if you really love each other, why would you want to put yourselves through this? Don't get me wrong, sex is a beautiful thing that should be cherished when you're mature enough and are able to accept the risks. I know you're thinking: "what does she know?" Well you're right, I'm not an expert. I'm 16 years old and I am a virgin. Not because of society, but because I choose to be one. I don't know what intercourse feels like, but I understand the risks that are involved, and the reason I have not is the sole purpose of my consciousness of being emotionally not ready for such a big step. Alot of people need to accept the possibility of an accident or a disease if they are going to 'do the deed' so to speak. Girls: if you're going to have sex, go to your local Free Health Center if your region has one, so they can give you a check and give you birth control and condoms free of charge. If you want to have sex, then take the necessary precautions and be responsible about it!



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Kasey Young

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Manasseh Egedegbe | Jul 5th, 2003
Hi Kasey... you have my respect. Few people can stand up to what they believe in like you do. Keep it up and know that you are cheered all the way!

This is an excellent and educative article.T he writer is a wise girl. Youths should take note of this article and adher to its advice to minimise unforseen risks.

I don't totally agree
Sofia M | Aug 11th, 2003
I think the main problem today is all the stress on abstinence rather than education. Its all very well to say teens shouldn't have sex until they're mature enough, but in reality the dangers will still be around when you're thirty. I feel it is more important to stress precaution for life, not to hold a "wait until you're old enough" attitude. The federal government shouldn't be supporting misinformation, but that is what its doing. you are just as succeptable to HIV and pregnancy when your 27, so I think the advice to wait until you're older doesn't make any sense. People say you are more equiped to deal with the stress at a older age, but that is also unlogical. I don't have any problem with abstinence or anything, I simply feel that people need information to make good choices for LIFE not just in your teens.

You're right in a way but wait a minute.....
Emilia Eyo | Feb 15th, 2008
Itz nice to have a 16yr old confidently talk about her virginity and the fact the other young people should abstain but do we stop and think that the word ABSTAIN is easier said than done have we thought about those times we find ourselves with our loved ones with hightened passion and bagaining with ourselves if we really want to do "it". Young people need refusal and negociating skills to effectively say NO to sexual activity they do not want for their own reasons and be able to negociate condom use if they chosse to indulge in sexual activity no matter the age.

But you've completely fogotten!
Jaia | Oct 21st, 2008
I do appreciate your article, it's well informed and I am glad you have a mature attitude on sex. HOWEVER, I think you've jumped to the wrong conclusions, and unfairly missed out a vital reason for teenagers having sex...Love! Your not giving teens the benefit of the doubt, we live in a society of forward thinking, we know the consequences of our actions, and most of us do not simply toss away our virginity because everyone else is doing the same thing! - also i believe guys should go to the health clinic as well!

i won exp.
deep | Mar 3rd, 2010
i m vergin m i won exp. for ssee

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